About LMS

We Are
Competitive Product Manufacturer

Lakshi Machatronics Systems is a multispeciality engineering company. It is focused to develop indigenous technology to produce high quality product. India is one of the largest market in the world and growing rapidly. Lakshi Machatronics Systems will fill the voids in Indian market as competitive product manufacturer.

The founder of Lakshi Mechatronics Systems is Dhamodharan. He is an engineering professional with handful of industrial experience. He worked in avionics systems and automotive electronics systems. He is passionate about developing technologies.

Pioneer in Embedded Electronics

More then 20 years experience in field of embedded electronics.

Expert in Automation

With deep understanding of requirement and customer needs, Automation system can be developed

Customer Oriented

Good understanding and being friendly with customers

Optimum cost utilation

Providing highest performance and quality per cost